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Kiran Thapaliya

As I was searching the better college to explore myself in the field of Information Technology, CITE provided me the best platform and pour me with knowledge of technology. The infrastructure and friendliness of the teaching staff were incredible. Really, thanks to CITE and its entire staff.

- BIT 2004-2008 Batch

Dharma Raj Rupakheti

I am feeling more than happy to get this opportunity to present my view about CITE. CITE is a really cool college to be a successful professional person in Computer Science/Information Technology. I have completed my Bachelor of Information Technology(BIT) from CITE. CITE provides excellent education(practical and theoretical) in minimum cost rather than other technical colleges in Nepal. BIT course is very interesting and the teachers are highly qualified. Teaching method of CITE college prepared me for working life, to quickly become professional at the end of my studies and also being helpful for my current professional life and further study. I felt CITE as my home because of very very helpful and carrier oriented guides from teachers and every staffs.

- BIT 2008-2012 Batch

Parina Shakya

I am a former student of CITE. I joined CITE due to my passion towards computer. I gained lot of knowledge joining CITE. It helped me a lot to continue my higher study in US. I have completed master in computer science from Maharishi University of Management in IOWA USA. Now, I am working in Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC), one of my dream companies and learning/gaining lots of real time experiences."

"Whatever and wherever I am now, I have to say that CITE is my first step of my career journey. I want to thank all the teachers and friends who helped me throughout my journey to boost my confidence and knowledge. I want to wish students all the best for career and always keep your dreams and goals alive.

- BCA 2000-2003 Batch