Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA Course is structured to provide basic theoretical as well as practical knowledge required to enter the professional Business Career. Organization system, Financial Management Marketing, Operation Management, Quantitative Analysis, E-commerce, and Accounting subjects are heavily emphasized. Focus of the course has been towards the application of the concepts in the real-life situation. Strong emphasis on industry-based case studies.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum C+ or 50% in an aggregate in +2 or equivalent.

Any discipline can apply

Course Distribution
Semester:I Year:I
Course Code Course Title Credits
FO-111 Business Mathematics 3
FO-112 English 3
FO-113 Business Economics 3
MGT-114 Financial Accounting-I 3
MGT-115 Principles Of Management 3
Semester:II Year:I
Course Code Course Title Credits
FO-121 Business Communications 3
FO-122 Macro Economics 3
FO-123 Business Statistics 3
MGT-124 Principles Of Mamnagement 3
MGT-125 Financial Accounting-II 3
Semester:III Year:II
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGT-131 Cost and Management Accounting 3
MGT-132 Business Finance 3
MGT-133 Database Management Syatem 3
MGT-134 Marketing Management 3
MGT-144 Business Environment of Nepal 3
Semester:IV Year:II
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGT-141 Business Law 3
MGT-142 Financial Management 3
MGT-143 Taxation and Auditing 3
MGT-144 Human Resources Management 3
MGT-145 Quantitative Texhniques for Business 3
Semester:V Year:III
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGT-151 Research Methodology and Report Writing 3
MGT-152 Production and Operation Management 3
MGT-153 Banking and Insurance 3
MGT-154 Project Management 3
MGT-155 Organizational Behaviour 3
Semester:VI Year:III
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGT-161 Management Information System 3
MGT-162 Public Finance 3
MGT-163 Total Quality Management 3
MGT-164 Tourism Management 3
MGT-165 Entrepreneurship Development 3
Semester:VII Year:IV
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGT-171 Supply Chain Management 2
MGT-172 E-Commerce 2
MGT-173 Internship 5
MGT-174 Specialization-1 3
MGT-175 Specialization-2 3
Semester:VIII Year:IV
Course Code Course Title Credits
CAP-181 International Business 3
CAP-182 Strategic Management 3
XXX-183 Specialization-3 3
XXX-184 Specialization-4 3
XXX-185 Specialization-5/6 3
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